Erick Moreno Superlano DPhil in Migration Studies

Supervisor: Loren Landau and Dace Dzenovska

College Affiliation: St. John’s College

Erick’s work examines how public and political discourses consolidate social categories and boundaries that shape the lived experience of (would-be) migrants across the Global South. In particular, Erick is interested in governance mechanisms that produce immobility through narratives that heroize sedentarism, moralize space, and stigmatize mobility. Erick’s current research focuses on how political actors employ immobility and temporality as statecraft tools to solidify their conceptions of a nation-state. The Clarendon Fund and the German Academic Scholarship Foundation fund Erick’s doctorate in Migration Studies. Erick holds an MSc in Migration Studies from the University of Oxford, funded by an Oxford Refugee Scholarship.