Erick Moreno Superlano

DPhil in Migration Studies

Back to People


Supervisor: Loren Landau and Dace Dzenovska

College Affiliation: St. John's College

Erick Moreno Superlano is a PhD candidate in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford. His work examines how public and political discourses consolidate social categories and boundaries that shape the lived experience of (would-be) migrants. His interests lie in the intersection of cultural anthropology, human geography, and social theory. Erick’s current research focuses on how the interplay of extractionist politics and modernising agendas mediated by the state in Venezuela inform social relations among diasporic Venezuelans beyond the national territory. Erick’s doctoral project is funded by the Clarendon Fund and the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. He holds an MSc in Migration Studies from the University of Oxford, funded by an Oxford Refugee Scholarship. Erick is interested in collaborating with other migration experts, artists and curators in the development and facilitation of participatory, socially engaged and public outreach projects outside the context of academia. He serves as the student representative on Oxford University's Sanctuary Steering Committee.