Dora-Olivia Vicol

Post-Doctoral Affiliate

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Olivia is an anthropologist with a long-standing interest in justice and mobility. She co-founded the employment rights charity the Work Rights Centre in 2016 while still a doctoral candidate at COMPAS. Straddling the worlds of academia and third-sector work ever since, Olivia's research documents Eastern European migrants' encounters with bureaucracy, employers and the migration industry. She has published work in academic and general publications. At the Work Rights Centre, Olivia leads research, policy consultations, and the strategic implementation of the charity's mission.

Selected publications

Vicol D.O. (2020) Into and out of citizenship, through personal tax returns: Romanian migrants’ negotiations of British self-employmentSocial Analysis, Vol 64(2) 101-119.

Vicol D.O. (forthcoming) Extra-ordinary: getting by in London's world without work. In: Beyond the wage: ordinary work in diverse economies. Eds. Monteith W., Vicol D.O., Williams P. Bristol: Bristol University Press.

Anderson, B., Vicol, D.O., Dupont, P.D., Morris, J. (2018) The Limits and Tensions Of Political Representation And Experienced Recognition Among Roma In The UKETHOS.

Dupont, P, Anderson, B, Vicol, D.O. (2019) Working for Benefits: Deservingness and Discrimination in the British Social Security SystemETHOS.

Vicol, D.O. & Allen, W. (2014) Bulgarians And Romanians In The British National Press, The Migration Observatory, University Of Oxford.