Daisy Pollenne

DPhil in Migration Studies

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Supervisor: Carlos Vargas-Silva

College affiliation: Green Templeton College

Daisy's research focuses on changes in migrants' wellbeing in destination countries, drawing from hedonic and eudaimonic conceptualizations. In particular, her doctoral project explores how wellbeing is affected by individuals’ initial reason for migrating, years of residence and subsequent experiences in host countries. Her research also contributes to understanding how the meaning wellbeing is affected by displacement and asylum.

In her research, Daisy uses mixed methodologies, producing quantitative insight from large administrative datasets such as the Annual Population Survey. Her methods also include interviews and observations with local organizations working with refugees and asylum seekers. Prior to her studies, Daisy worked at the French Ministry of Labor in the Evaluation Department (DARES) where she designed and conducted the evaluation of HOPE, a national scale integration program for refugees. She also worked in contexts of forced displacement (Lebanon and Palestine), supporting local organizations in designing and evaluating assistance programs.


DPhil in Migration Studies: reflections on the first year
Blog | 1/09/2021



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