Ben Brindle

Researcher, The Migration Obervatory

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Ben Brindle is a Researcher at The Migration Observatory.

Previously, he worked in the Migration Research Division at the International Organisation for Migration, where he supported the preparation of research papers and reports for publication on various migration topics. These include the Covid-19 Analytical Snapshot Series, the Migration Research Series, and two thematic chapters in the 2022 iteration of the World Migration Report: "COVID-19, migration and Mobility" and "Peace and Security as drivers of stability, development and predictable population movement".

In 2022, Ben completed his PhD at the University of Brighton, which explored how the UK labour market responded to immigration in the decade following the financial crisis. Specifically, it examined whether immigration induced firms to locate their production activities in the UK (as opposed to overseas) or change their production methods (and use more labour-intensive techniques).

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