Research Themes

The work of The Global Exchange centres on the following themes.

Global Cities

Exploring the particular challenges cities and smaller municipalities face in fulfilling their responsibilities in relation to migrants and other local residents.

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Inclusion and Integration

Identifying new solutions for overcoming exclusion and the problems to which it gives rise in relation to migrants with regular and irregular status.

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Migration Governance, Management and Policy

Exploring strategic approaches to managing migration challenges at the international, national and local level.

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New Narratives on Migration

Using art, history, drama, data graphics and literature, as well as targeted dialogue, to stimulate new perspectives and narratives on migration.

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Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Exploring and evaluating innovative models which create new opportunities for asylum seekers and refugees to flourish and live well together with their neighbours.

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Irregular Migration

Exploring the issues that arise in Europe in relation to migrants with irregular immigration status, at EU, national and city level.

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