Breakfast Briefings

Why are westerners drawn to fight with IS in Syria and Iraq? And what can we do in response?

Breakfast Briefings / 7 November 2014

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There has been considerable media attention focusing on the security concerns that foreign fighters pose to not only Syria and Iraq, but also their countries of origin. This briefing will outline the nature and scale of the problem and unpack the motivations of Westerners that are drawn to fight alongside IS and explore their activities on the ground. It will also address responses to this threat, which are constantly evolving. Much attention has been directed towards harder policy approaches, particularly as foreign fighters return to Europe. The briefing will discuss the need for alternative approaches that go beyond prosecution.

Speakers: Peter Neumann, Director, International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Rachel Briggs, Director of Research and Policy, Security and Counter-Extremism, Institute for Strategic Dialogue