Breakfast Briefings

What shapes migrant destitution and what can be done about it?

Breakfast Briefings / Friday 11 April 2014

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Destitution appears to be a growing problem among migrants, for a variety of reasons. London rough sleeping data consistently show more than half of rough sleepers are migrants, although proportions are generally much lower elsewhere. This breakfast briefing will first look at the evidence of how much destitution there is among migrants, the different reasons why it occurs and also the difficulties in assessing the extent of destitution. It will then look at how advice agencies and others can assist destitute migrants and what issues arise in doing so. Finally, it will look briefly at a case study of a current project. The speakers will be Sue Lukes and John Perry who respectively write for and edit the Housing Rights website run by the Chartered Institute of Housing.

Speakers: Sue Lukes, former member of the Housing and Migration Network, and John Perry, former member of the Housing and Migration Networ and Policy Adviser at the Chartered Institute of Housing and manager of housing rights website