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What does new Home Office evidence on the Migrant Journey and family migration tell us about migration to the UK?

Breakfast Briefings / Friday 9 December 2011

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This briefing presents some of the findings from the Home Office research titled Migrant Journey (first and second reports) and the Family Migration evidence pack published alongside the recent family consultation. The Migrant Journey has produced for the first time an analysis of how migrants coming to the UK under various categories of visa (work, study, family) differ in their passage through the immigration system, in their propensities to switch categories, and the length of time they remain and the proportions who go on to achieve settlement.

The research has been recognised as innovative, providing a richer understanding of migrant behaviour which has helped to inform policy debates on the current proposals for changes to the immigration rules. The Family Migration evidence pack was published this summer and compiled a variety of evidence from various sources, including the Migrant Journey, and has helped inform the consultation on family migration and the recent Migration Advisory Committee report.

The discussion might usefully explore what this data tells us about migrant behaviour, how we can use this understanding to inform public debates on migration and help identify some of the more important additional research question arising from these findings.

Speaker: Jon Simmons, Director for Migration and Border Analysis in the Home Office Science Directorate