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Undocumented Migration Children's Lives and Stories

19 March 2015

Capital City Academy, Doyle Gardens, London NW10 3ST

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This performance is inspired by monologues commissioned from academic research into the daily life of migrant children in the UK, with a focus on the effects of lack of immigration status. The performers, 10 students of varying ages, from Capital City Academy have worked to create a thoughtful piece of theatre exploring the emotional and practical implications of being undocumented. They have adapted the script to best display their understanding and interpretations of the stories. The performance will be followed by a Q&A with the students and a panel of researchers.

The interviews on which the piece is based were conducted as part of the project "Undocumented Migrant Children in the UK", which aimed to advance knowledge on the experiences and everyday lives of irregular migrant children in the United Kingdom, to cast light on the challenges facing the communities in which they reside and to explore services and resources available to them in particular in relation to health, education and employment.

This performance is part of the COMPAS project "Exploring Migration: Research and Drama in Schools", which explores issues around migration with students using theatre. The researchers on the project have worked with students in Thame, London and Birmingham.