The Impact of Diasporas: Connection, Contestation, Convergence

Seminar Series Hilary 2010 / Thursdays 14.00 - 15.30, Convened by Alan Gamlen, Nicholas Van Hear and Robin Cohen

Seminar Room, Pauling Centre, 58a Banbury Road, Oxford

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Arising from flight to escape violent conflict or from migration for betterment, diasporas are among the most prominent and controversial manifestations of increased globalization. Few communities now seem unbound from their distant members and this connectivity has significant consequences for the world order.

In a research proposal submitted to the Leverhulme Trust, we identify three fundamental dynamics that animate the formation of diasporas and shape their impacts – connectedness, contestation and convergence.

Our aim in the research programme and in this associated seminar series is to investigate through comparative examples the social, economic, political and cultural impacts of diaspora:  what are these impacts; why, how, where and when do particular impacts arise; and who initiates and experiences these impacts?