Talking Oxford

Trinity Term 2017 / May & June, Convened by COMPAS

Various locations around Oxford

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Many people in Europe and North America demand more control over immigration. Others  are concerned about the social, economic, and personal costs of restricting migration. How is it possible to reconcile these different views? How can those who study immigration listen to the full range of different views and provide useful insights to all?

One way forward might be to come up with questions worth asking. For example, can we imagine communities that include everyone and result in improvements of life all around? If not, where are lines to be drawn and who is to draw them?

These questions are crucial for Oxford, which contains the third highest ethnic minority population in the South-East, and 28% of residents are born outside the UK [1]. This makes human migration central to the lives and experiences of city residents, even if these experiences vary in different areas of the city.

We held four events to talk about migration in areas of Oxford where inequality and disadvantage is most felt. We wanted to consider the relevance of migration to people's lives in Oxford and find new ways of thinking and talking about migration.


1) What is Oxford’s history of inequality and migration?
18 May | 6pm | Kassam Stadium

2) How does it feel to grow up in Oxford?
25 May | 530pm | Barton Neighbourhood Centre

3) How should we imagine Oxford’s future?
8 June | 6pm | Rose Hill Community Centre

4) Fighting racism from Trump to Oxford
15 June | 6pm | Rose Hill Community Centre



[1] Oxford Profile: Key Facts 2016