4 - 8 November 2019
Common Ground, Little Clarendon Street, Oxford

Convened by: COMPAS and the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences

“Migration” has a different meaning for everyone and for many years, the Centre on Migration, Policy & Society (COMPAS) has driven this conversation: we have a mission to disseminate our global research, inform policy and exchange knowledge on the topic of migration however, we are always looking for innovative and dynamic ways to open up the discussion to a wider audience, view new aspects and hear different voices.

Oxford is a city on the move: it has a moving population as well as a rooted one. Whether it is local, national or international migration, this movement is a part of the fabric of the city. However, “migration” can mean different things to different people. COMPAS has driven the conversation around migration research, but we want to hear (and see!) what migration means to the people of Oxford.

In SNAPSHOT Ox, we ask: what does migration mean to you?

What is it?

SNAPSHOT Ox is a crowd-sourced, public photography exhibition, allowing entrants from all walks of life to engage and participate, by showing us a snapshot of what migration in Oxford means to them. We want to see what migration in Oxford means as other people see it – in all its multi-faceted forms.

This exhibition and talk-space is part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science.

Who can participate?

We are committed to making this an accessible and inclusive exhibition, with a simple theme and without overly strict guidelines. There are no entry requirements in terms of age, race, nationality, location or ability: no photography experience is necessary, photographs can be taken using any kind of camera; submission can be electronically or by post; entries can be anonymous and details about the photographer won’t be made public.

Please ensure your entries follow the theme of “migration in Oxford”.

In the lead up to the free, public exhibition, submissions will be open to everyone regardless of photography experience. During the exhibition, visitors can add their snapshot as well. This is not a photography competition but a chance to widen the conversation and share our perspectives with each other.

Entries can be sent to:

Where will it be?

The exhibition will be based in at Common Ground and will feature a “talk-space”: academics in the field of migration will be available at set times to have open and honest discussions about their research; for something more informal, we will encourage visitors to talk to each other, sparking new ways of understanding migration in Oxford. Plus, when you visit – we recommend you purchase a cup of their lovingly-made and tasty coffee!

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4 - 8 November 2019

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