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Juana In A Million: Panel discussion

20:00, 18 October 2013

The North Wall Arts Centre, South Parade OX2 7JN

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Following the performance of "Juana in a Million" Bridget Anderson (COMPAS), Olivia Sheringham (IMI) and author and performer Vicky Araico Casas will participate in a panel discussion about the play and its themes. The panel is chaired by Mette Louise Berg (COMPAS).

The play explores true stories of immigration to the UK. A young Mexican woman arrives in London, and her experiences shed unexpected light on her identity as a woman and as a Mexican, weaving a moving tale of survival, betrayal and hope. It is inspired by Cathy McIlwaine's (Queen Mary University of London) research (No Longer Invisible) on the experiences of women using the Latin American Women's Rights Service.