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Illegality, Youth and Belonging: International Symposium

25-26 October 2013

Harvard University

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Illegality, youth and belonging is the second of two international symposia on legal status, rights and belonging that jointly investigate the migration and citizenship nexus in contemporary diverse societies.

The conference will deal, inter alia, with the  following areas:

  • - Everyday experiences of ‘illegality’ among children and young people
  • - Intergenerational impacts of undocumented status
  • - The effects of widened access to rights and entitlements (e.g. DACA, financial aid, in-state tuition)
  • - The uneven geography of contemporary immigration policy and practice
  • - The political mobilizations of youth
  • - Gender perspectives and methodological issues of research sensitivity and ethics are significant cross-cutting themes throughout these topics.


The symposia are jointly convened by Roberto G. Gonzales (Harvard University) and Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham) with the contribution of Elaine Chase, Vanessa Hughes and Jenny Allsopp (University of Oxford), Helen B. Marrow (Tufts University) and Siwen Zhang (Harvard University).