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The Politics & Practice of Justice, Immigration & Crime: Practitioners' Perspectives

16:30 - 18:30, Thursday 1 December 2011

64 Banbury Road, Oxford

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This workshop is the culmination of the COMPAS organised seminar series "A chrysalis for every kind of criminal? Mobility, crime and citizenship".

This series has explored the relationships between immigration and criminality: both ‘immigrant’ and ‘criminal’ for example, are set in opposition to the (good) citizen, both are important administrative categories for states, and comprise groups upon whom the state can exercise significant degrees of coercon. Both are highly racialised and gendered. There are also historical continuities: mobility has long been associated with criminality, through vagabondage and the problem of ‘masterless men’, gypsies and Roma, and ‘illegal immigrants’. Both groups can share social and political disabilities that are state legitimated.

The workshop will facilitate discussion between academics and those more directly engaged in political and the practical responses, and between those engaged in issues and theory on crime, and those engaged in issues and theory on immigration. It will explore what considering the two together means for the politics of immigration, crime and citizenship.