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The economics of migration and migration policy: Towards a future research agenda

22 May 2012

13 Norham Gardens, Oxford

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Time: 10:30 - 15:30, Tuesday 22 May 2012

This expert workshop aims to  discuss gaps in research on the economics of international migration and migration policy, and to identify priorities for a future research agenda. A particular focus of the workshop will be on the link between research and policy debates. While the emphasis will be on the UK, the workshop will address research and policy issues using an international comparative perspective.

The workshop will address questions such as: What are the implications of research on migration for policy debates and policy-making at national and supra-national level? What new research questions arise from immigration policy developments in different countries? How do immigration and immigration policy relate to wider public policy issues such as training and industrial policy? How useful are theories and concepts developed for analysing immigration in high-income countries for analysing immigration in middle- and low-income countries?