COMPAS Debates

COMPAS debates

Staff at COMPAS come from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. Our multi-disciplinary, theoretical, practical and intellectual work thrives on this. In the past we presented our work under separate and logical themes, but this covered over the productive tensions and discussions we have within the centre.

This area of our website showcases these regular internal, academic discussions. Three fora groups on: 'Politics, Citizenship and Ethics', 'Mobility and Immobility' and 'The Everyday', meet once a term to discuss some readings. The readings are often academic, but not always. Sometimes we will chose a news article, a novel, an image, a film or a practitioner intervention.

Each meeting one participant will note the discussion from their point of view. We’ll post the readings and the notes in order to open the discussion to a wider group. Please do contribute your ideas and thoughts!