Paul Hamlyn Foundation gift assures long-term stability for migration research initiatives

Published 24 May 2019 / By COMPAS Communications

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The University of Oxford  and COMPAS is delighted to announce a new ten-year grant from Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Moira Sinclair, Chief Executive, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, says: “As an independent endowed foundation, Paul Hamlyn Foundation has the freedom to plan and act for the long term. Sharing some of that freedom with organisations that we see as critical and influential feels particularly important at the present time. COMPAS is one such organisation, and we hope that this ten-year funding commitment will help them to do even more, investing in their talented people and using their strong relationships and deep knowledge to continue to produce high quality research. We have a vision for a more socially equal society, where young people, settled and transient, migrant and British, can contribute actively and engage positively. We know that there are challenges that face newly arrived communities as well as those that have been resident in the UK for some time, and the expertise that COMPAS offers will be important to today and for future generations. We look forward to developing our relationship with them.”

Specifically, the core funding of £200,000 per year for ten years will underpin the work of the Directors for the Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity and the Migration Observatory, which Michael Keith, Director of COMPAS hails as “a tribute to all the people that have put their work into both initiatives over a considerable time.”

Professor Keith says: “We are honoured by this vote of confidence in our work. This gift recognises the vital importance of creating spaces for reflection, dialogue and the exchange of ideas on migration and inclusion. It will allow us to build on our extensive programme of knowledge exchange, bringing together the best of research, policy making and other expertise in order to achieve real impact.

“With the upheaval of Brexit and major changes to the immigration system in the pipeline, interest in the complex issue of migration is also set to continue, as is the need for nuanced analysis. We look forward to continuing to inform policymakers, civil society and the media as they grapple with this complex issue.”

Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, says: “We are delighted that the Paul Hamlyn Foundation has made this generous gift to COMPAS. This donation assures long-term stability for two important initiatives capable of far-reaching impact.”

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