Call Out: Pitch for The Migration Oxford Podcast

Published 3 April 2024 / By COMPAS Communications

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The call out for the next season of The Migration Oxford Podcast is now open. We’re accepting ideas for upcoming episodes and encourage all, whether based in Oxford or internationally, to please get in touch with your ideas. Closes: 1 July 2024.

Established in 2022, The Migration Oxford Podcast series provides opportunity for migration researchers across the University to share their research findings and ideas to new audiences. Being a guest on the podcast can be a great way to increase the impact and reach of your work, and engage with fellow researchers, practitioners and experts by experience. The deadline for pitch submission is 1 July 2024. Please see below for further details on how to pitch. 

The general formatwill be an introduction by the co-hosts (Jacqui Broadhead and Rob McNeil) followed by an interview panel with all speakers led by one of the hosts. Edited podcasts will generally last 25-30 minutes.

To pitch an episode, please email Delphine Boagey (Producer; Communications at COMPAS) at with the subject ‘Podcast Pitch’, your details and pitch. 

Pitches for episodes should be max. 300 words and must include: 

1. A written overview of the episode – please write this as if it were the ‘blurb’ for the podcast building on the title and setting out the key question the podcast will answer, the research findings it draws on and why we are discussing it now.

2. Suggested interviewees – please list a maximum of 3 people. Your suggestions must include at least one Oxford-based researcher who is ready and willing to participate. We strongly encourage the inclusion of at least one voice of lived experience relevant to the topic being discussed. You may participate as a guest on the episode yourself, but please clarify if this is not the case in your pitch. 

3. A suggested title – please refer to previous episodes for examples. The title needs to give an accessible sense of the topic for a non-specialist audience. It should not be the name of a project or book, but something that provides the ‘hook’ for the episode. 

Please note that pitches without an Oxford-based researcher will not be considered. 

Please refer to previous episodes for a guide to episode formats; if you wish to propose a one-off alternate format this will be considered where it is relevant to the episode theme. 

The pitch should also meet each of the following criteria: 

  • grounded in research from across the Migration Oxford research network 
  • accessible for a non-specialist audience 
  • approaches migration from unexpected and/or newsworthy angles 
  • features at least one academic from the Oxford network and includes migrant voices (including speaking from policy/research angles as well as from lived experience)

Please send pitches and any questions to the podcast producer Delphine Boagey. Decisions on pitched episodes will be communicated by the end of July 2024 and episode recordings in this series will be scheduled thereafter.

Tentative recording dates are as follows. All times are GMT. Please let us know, along with your pitch, which times you would be available to record. Participants would be required for 1 hour, either remote online or in-person in COMPAS, 58 Banbury Rd, Oxford. 

  • August dates tbc 
  • 2 September (am) 
  • 3 September (pm) 
  • 12 September (am) 
  • 13 September (all day)