Citizenship and Belonging

The relationship between mobility, citizenship and the numerous ways in which people ‘belong’ forms the basis of all work within this cluster.

Citizenship is a legal status giving a right to enter, remain and not be deported from a state. It describes a relation to a state and to other citizens. Citizenship also indicates a subjective feeling of identity, and social relations of belonging to a ‘nation’ to a state and to a community. Increasing mobility and shifts in relations between states are opening up new spaces of contestation around migration and membership and between migration, legal status and rights. This research cluster addresses the (in)congruencies between citizenship and belonging and between nation and state, and addresses the consequences in theory and in practice.

Further details on the issues addressed by this cluster can be found in the Cluster Overview

Other activities

  • 'Why No Borders?'Refuge Special Issue, Bridget Anderson, Nandita Sharma and Cynthia Wright, No. 2, Vol 26