COMPAS Research

COMPAS' 2012-2017 research programme is grouped around five thematic clusters, each addressing one element of the migration process:

  • Flows and Dynamics
    exploring global migration flows and the dynamics that drive, facilitate and inhibit migration

  • Labour Markets
    analysing the socio-economics of international labour migration, particularly the economics and politics of labour shortages and demand

  • Citizenship and Belonging
    addressing the relationship between mobility, citizenship and the numerous ways in which people ‘belong’

  • Urban Change and Settlement
    challenging assumptions around movement and settlement patterns, investigating emergent urbanisms and processes of integration

  • Welfare
    addressing the relationship between migration and welfare provision in ‘receiving’ and ‘sending’ countries

COMPAS has also established The Migration Observatory, a multi-media platform providing user-friendly access to authoritative and independent analysis of data on migrants and migration issues in the UK, set in an international context. The Observatory draws on the expertise of contribututors from a wide range of departments and research centres at the University of Oxford.

A Decade in Migration

In February 2014 COMPAS hosted an international conference and public poetry and photo event. Video summaries and podcasts of which will available in due course.

Alongside these events COMPAS produced the following series of publications within the Decade of Migration theme:

Migration: A COMPAS Anthology - this anthology is designed both as a teaching and research resource and as a provocation. Contributions are given by COMPAS staff past and present, and colleagues of COMPAS over the years.

The COMPAS Approach - a publication that looks back on COMPAS' evolution and towards future agendas.

The Migration Observatory and the Decade of Migration - this report provides a short history of the inception, development, achievements and impact of the Migration Observatory.

COMPAS Visiting Academics

The COMPAS Visiting Academic Programme encourages senior academics, practitioners and policy makers (typically those on a period of sabbatical or study leave from their organisation), as well as doctoral students and post-doctoral scholars, to visit COMPAS and undertake a period of self directed research with the support of senior academics here at COMPAS. More information >