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Us & Them: New book by Bridget Anderson

27 March 2013

Us and Them? The Dangerous Politics of Immigration Control, a new book by Bridget Anderson, examines migration within a long history of control over the mobility of the unsettled poor. More >

Nick Van Hear gives keynote on shifting powers

12 March 2013

Nick Van Hear gave they keynote "Shifting powers: two decades of migration and global turbulence" at an international conference at LSE. More >

Register now for "Within and beyond citizenship"

5 March 2013

Registration is now open for the symposium "Within and beyond citizenship: Lived experiences of contemporary membership". More >

Ruhs and Anderson look at Europe's immigration challenge

25 February 2013

Martin Ruhs and Bridget Anderson have published chapters in the book "Europe's Immigration Challenge: Reconciling Work, Welfare and Mobility". More >

What the Migration Advisory Committee can teach the USA

19 February 2013

In an opinion piece in the Financial Times Martin Ruhs highlights what the USA can learn from the British Migration Advisory Committee (MAC).  More >

Ukraine's migration history under the microscope

18 February 2013

Bastian Vollmer has published the article "Ukraine, migration, early 20th century to present".  More >

Iain Walker compares diasporic practices in the Indian Ocean

11 February 2013

A new article by Iain Walker looks the similarities and the differences between Zanzibaris of Hadrami origin and Zanzibaris of Comorian origin in diasporic practices and relationships with the homeland. More >

Nick Van Hear gives nuance to marriage migration

4 February 2013

Nick Van Hear has published a new article on marriage migration in the International Migration Review. More >

City level responses to migrants ineligible for public support

21 January 2013

Sarah Spencer has been awarded two grants that will enable Compas to explore city level responses to the welfare needs of migrants who, because of their immigration status, have 'no recourse to public funds'. More >

COMPAS Marie Curie Fellow talks about her new book

15 January 2013

On January 10, 2013, the Latvian weekly news magazine IR published an interview with COMPAS Senior Researcher and Marie Curie Fellow Dace Dzenovska on her recently published Latvian language monograph "Departure and Emptiness in the Latvian Countryside: Between Lost and Possible Futures" More >

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