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Fielding challenges, challenging the field

15 May 2013

The international workshop "Fielding challenges, challenging the field: The methodologies of mobility" is open for registration.  More >

The new Latvian diaspora in the UK

13 May 2013

Dace Dzenovska will be speaking at the House of Commons discussion on "The new Latvian diaspora in the UK" on 14 May. More >

Franck Düvell speaks in Turkey for Europe Week

13 May 2013

On 6 May, Franck Düvell was invited as keynote speaker to the opening ceremony of the 6th Europe Week at Yasar University, Istanbul, Turkey. More >

Melanie Griffiths tackles temporal uncertainties

26 April 2013

A new working paper by Melanie Griffiths considers how a recognition of time can provide insights into understanding mobility and experiences of being deportable. More >

Düvell on the facts of Romanian and Bulgarian migration to the UK

25 April 2013

In an article for Open Democracy's "Our Kingdom" Franck Düvell explores the facts behind the fear of Romanian and Bulgarian migration to the UK. More >

New COMPAS Working Papers in 2013

19 April 2013

Two new COMPAS Working Papers have been published so far in 2013.  More >

Spencer examines human rights and equality bodies

18 April 2013

A new article by Sarah Spencer and Colin Harvey compares six statutory human rights and equality bodies in the UK and Ireland, exploring the range of factors that shape their performance.  More >

Ruhs calls for global migrant rights database

12 April 2013

Martin Ruhs has written a background paper on "Towards a post-2015 development agenda: What role for migrant rights and international labour migration?" for the new European Development Report 2013 published this week. More >

Xiang Biao is awarded William L. Holland Prize

11 April 2013

Xiang Biao won the eleventh William L. Holland Prize for best article published in Volume 85 (2012) of Pacific Affairs.  More >

A new journal of Migration Studies

4 April 2013

Migration Studies, a new journal from Oxford University Press is now available.  More >

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