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Vacancy: Director of the Migration Observatory

26 May 2014

COMPAS is looking to recruit a new Director of the high profile project The Migration Observatory.  More >

Awards shortlisting for MSc in Migration Studies Teaching

15 May 2014

Teaching on the MSc in Migration Studies has been shortlisted for the Most Acclaimed Lecturer Award in the Oxford Student Union's Student Led Teaching Awards.  More >

Franck Düvell examines detention centres in Ukraine

28 April 2014

A new chapter by Franck Düvell explores detention centres in Ukraine.  More >

Bastian Vollmer joins council of distinguished scholars

24 April 2014

Bastian Vollmer has been appointed to the influential Council for Migration in Germany.  More >

Martin Ruhs balances migrant rights and national interests

23 April 2014

A recent article in the Economist discusses Martin Ruhs' research into the trade-off between migrant rights and access.  More >

TurkMiS workshops highlight key migration issues

7 April 2014

Franck Düvell recently hosted a TurkMiS-led workshop in Ankara on the migration transition of Turkey and contemporary immigration to Turkey. He also co-sponsored and addressed a conference on Syrian displaced persons in Turkey. More >

New book on migration and care labour released

4 April 2014

Bridget Anderson and Isabel Shutes have released an edited book exploring the theory, policy and politics of migration and care labour. More >

A new network launched: Latin American and Caribbean migration research

18 March 2014

The new Latin American and Caribbean migration research network (MIGRALAC) has been launched to bring together researchers working on a broad range of issues relating to Latin American and Caribbean migration and diaspora. More >

New publications by Bastian Vollmer and Franck Düvell on European migration

5 March 2014

Bastian Vollmer has published a book review and, with Franck Düvell, a chapter on migration patterns in the UK.  More >

Job opportunities at COMPAS

17 February 2014

There are currently three vacancies at COMPAS. Apply now to join the department!  More >

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