Autumn Academy 2017: Strategic Approaches to Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe

18 - 22 September 2017
By invitation only

Convened by: Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity

The Autumn Academy is a symposium for senior public officials, NGO leaders, academic experts and foundations from across Europe, to be held in Oxford. This year will provide a unique opportunity for those responsible for developing and implementing policies towards irregular (undocumented) migrants at the international, EU, national or city level to share their knowledge, expertise and ideas; to consider the implications of the latest research evidence and analysis; to learn from those addressing similar challenges in other parts of the world and to critique policy and practice options.

Informed by evidence on the changing demography of irregular migrants in Europe, in light of the refugee crisis, the symposium will explore over four intense days of discussion and reflection the policy challenges posed. Taking account of the evolving international and European legal and policy frameworks, the symposium will address the key questions being addressed at differing tiers of governance, from international fora to the particular issues faced by cities and other municipal authorities. It will give particular attention to areas of recent and potential policy development relating to enforcement, social policies and access to justice; considering the framing of these issues in political discourse before a final session on key themes, reflections and future agendas. The agenda will provide an opportunity to learn from differing approaches in United States, considering their potential applicability to the differing contexts in Europe. It will also draw on learning from civil society.

Participants, of whom there will be no more than thirty, will contribute to the agenda as speakers, respondents, and session chairs.

The symposium is organised by the Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity, the knowledge-exchange arm of the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) at the University of Oxford. Funding is provided by The Social Change Initiative, supported by Atlantic Philanthropies, as a programme within its own Migrant Learning Exchange initiative.

Participation is by invitation only.

Follow this link to the 2016 Autumn Academy.

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