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Labour asks the Government 170 questions about Brexit. But has no answer on migration
12 Oct | Spectator blog (cites Brexit Breakfast Briefing)

Who counts as a migrant and using imagination to cross the immigration chasm
5 Oct | Artist on Art (interview with Bridget Anderson)

Migrant death toll expected to exceed 10,000 in 2016
17 Sep 2016 | Guardian (cites MEDMIG project)

The Thought Show on Syrian refugees
8 Sep 2016 | BBC World Service (interview with Franck Düvell at 29:30)

BBC Trending on Syrian refugees
3 Sep 2016 | BBC World Service (interview with Franck Düvell at 12:50)

Did Alan Kurdi’s death change anything?
2 Sep 2016 | BBC Trending blog (cites Franck Düvell)

Phone in caller mentions research on impact on migration on NHS waiting times
25 Aug 2016 | LBC Radio – Clive Bull show (cites research by Carlos Vargas-Silva)

Workers slip under the radar after visas expire
3 Aug 2016 | The Times (quotes Franck Düvell)

Brexit Has Revealed Britain’s Racist Underbelly
4 Jul 2016 | Huffington Post blog (quotes Michael Keith)

When the prize of Hong Kong independence brings out the worst in zealots
3 Jul 2016 | The South China Morning Post (quotes Michael Keith)

The Newsroom – Brexit political fallout
29 Jun 2016 | BBC World Service (interview with Michael Keith at 15:10)

After a campaign scarred by bigotry, it’s become OK to be racist in Britain
28 Jun 2016 | The Guardian comment piece (quotes Michael Keith)

Leave or Remain, the NHS is in its death throes
15 Jun 2016 | The Times (cites research by Carlos Vargas-Silva)

EU referendum: The NHS needs immigration
14 Jun 2016 | International Business Times (cites research by Carlos Vargas-Silva)

Revealed: Migrants try to sneak into Britain at a rate of one every six minutes, official figures show
10 Jun 2016 | Daily Mail (quotes Franck Düvell)

‘Sufficient resources’ needed to patrol UK borders after Albanian refugees rescued from Channel
30 May 2016 | International Business Times (quotes Franck Düvell)

Asylum seekers to be fully included into Utrecht society
27 Apr 2016 | Netherland Times (cites research by Caroline Oliver)

People blame cuts, not immigration, for pressure on public services
18 Apr 2016 | Independent (cites research by Carlos Vargas-Silva)

Vatican Calls Pope’s Trip to Greece a Humanitarian Visit
14 Apr 2016 | The Wall Street Journal (quotes Franck Düvell)

Cutting immigration would mean higher taxes or deeper spending cuts, OBR warns
28 Mar 2016 | The Independent (cites research by Carlos Vargas-Silva)

The EU’s Deal With Turkey Is a No-Win Situation
22 Mar 2016 | Fortune Magazine (commentary by Franck Düvell)

EU response to the Mediterranean refugee crisis is “likely to fail” say researchers
22 Mar 2016 | COMPAS press release

EU-Turkey refugee deal (interview at 1:51:16)
18 Mar 2016 | BBC Radio 5 Live (interview of Bridget Anderson)

Why the EU-Turkey Migrant Deal Is a Moral Disaster
17 Mar 2016 | Fortune Magazine (commentary by Bridget Anderson)

Saturday PM programme on flow of migrants to EU (interview at 06:16)
5 Mar 2016 | BBC Radio 4 Saturday PM (interview with Franck Düvell)

Up All Night on responses to the migrant crisis (interview at 08:38)
3 Mar 2016 | BBC Radio 5 (interview with Franck Düvell)

L’UE augmente la pression sur la Grèce
11 Feb 2016 | La Presse (quotes Franck Düvell)

Closing the Balkan Route: Will Greece Become a Refugee Bottleneck?
9 Feb 2016 | Spiegel International (quotes Franck Düvell)

University of Oxford holds donor drive to find life-saving stem cell donation
1 Feb 2016 | Oxford Mail (quotes Bridget Anderson)

Wie viele Flüchtlinge haben keine Papiere?
29 Jan 2016 | Mediendienst Integration (quotes Franck Düvell)

Up All Night Programme (interview at 45:23)
23 Jan 2016 | BBC Radio 5 | Franck Düvell comments on the Mediterranean refugee crisis)

Immigration Bill 2015-16
5 Jan 2016 | Sanctuary Social Work News pp. 8-11 ( quotes Jonathan Price)

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