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COMPAS in the news*

Imagining Refugia – Could a New Transnational Polity Help Solve the Refugee Crisis?
17 Oct 2017 | Foreign Affairs article by Nick Van Hear

Fact Check: are there over a million foreigners living illegally in Britain?
17 Oct 2017 | Conversation article citing Migration Observatory and COMPAS research

Brexit: UK retirees rushing to settle in Europe, say financial advisers
13 Aug 2017 | Guardian article quotes Carlos Vargas-Silva

Relying on the kindness of online strangers to put you through law school
18 May 2017 | Times article on student crowdfunding mentions the MSc in Migration Studies

Bridget Anderson & Nicola Headlam introduce our seminar series Talking Oxford
18 May 2017 | Kat Ormon show, BBC Radio Oxford (interview at 1:06:41)

Talking Oxford: Bringing Together Town and Gown to Form a Stronger Community
17 May 2017 | COMPAS press release

Workers of the world, unite!
2 March 2017 | LRB blog cites research by Bridget Anderson

New online tool to help advise destitute families
31 Jan 2017 | COMPAS press release


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