Many political parties have similar stances on migration: policies on the right to asylum for genuine refugees, attracting ‘the brightest and the best’, clamping down on illegality, are all likely to be agreed on by parties of the left and the right. However, migration is unavoidably political as it raises questions about what attends the distinction between citizen and non-citizen, and indeed the validity of that distinction in the first place.



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Breakfast Briefing

What does the 2015 election mean for migration to the UK?

Rob McNeil, Madeleine Sumption and Carlos Vargas-Silva


Diaspora Politics

Dace Dzenovska | 2013 – 2014

Migration in the Media and Public Opinion in Britain

Scott Blinder and William Allen | June 2012 – May 2013

Political Engagements of Latin American Immigrants in the UK

Richard Allen | July 2004 – June 2006

The ethics and politics of the refugee crisis

Bridget Anderson and Emma Newcombe | May 2016- Mar 2017

Urban Transformations Coordination

Michael Keith, Nicola Headlam, Peter Grant, Igor Calzada, Nicholas Simcik Arese, Emma Newcombe, Mikal Mast and Nathan Grassi | 2015 - 2019