Illegality and Irregularity

Migrants whose residence is not state authorized, or who are breaking their conditions of entry have a wide range of descriptors – illegal, undocumented, irregular, clandestine, non-compliant, unauthorized, trafficked, sans papières etc. Claims to knowledge and analysis tended to be heavily politicised, and the terminology used often indicates a particular position. Yet it is far from clear what exactly is meant by “illegal immigration”? Is it a problem to be solved, or a phenomenon characterising nation states in the global economy? Is it an end state, a category, or a process?



Destination Europe? Understanding the dynamics and drivers of Mediterranean migration in 2015

Heaven Crawley, Franck Düvell, Katharine Jones, Simon McMahon and Nando Sigona

The COMPAS Approach

Rob McNeil and COMPAS Communications

Clandestino: Ethical Issues in Irregular Migration Research

Franck Düvell, Bastian Vollmer, Anna Triandafyllidou

Forced Labour and Migration to the UK

Bridget Anderson, Ben Rogaly

The Market for Migrant Domestic and Sex Workers

Bridget Anderson, Julia O’Connell Davidson

The Market for Migrant Domestic and Sex Workers. Executive Summary

Bridget Anderson, Julia O’Connell Davidson

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Research Brief

Understanding the dynamics of migration to Greece and the EU: Drivers, decisions and destinations

Heaven Crawley, Franck Duvell, Katharine Jones and Dimitris Skleparis

Research Brief

Unpacking a Rapidly Changing Scenario

Heaven Crawley, Franck Duvell, Nando Sigona, Simon McMahon, Katharine Jones


Border Security: Discourses and Practices in the UK

COMPAS Communications | April 2013 – 2016

City Initiative on Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe (C-MISE)

Myriam Cherti, Sarah Spencer, Nicola Delvino, Marie Mallet-Garcia and Nathan Grassi | Phase I: 2017-19 | Phase II: 2020-22

Does Immigration Enforcement Matter (DIEM)?

COMPAS Communications | November 2013 - July 2017

Exploring Migration: Research and Drama in Schools

COMPAS Communications | October 2014 – September 2015

Forced Labour and Immigration in the UK

COMPAS Communications | February 2004 – November 2004

Fundamental rights situation of irregular immigrants in the European Union (FRIM)

COMPAS Communications | December 2009 – March 2011

Local Responses to Precarious Migrants: Frames, Strategies and Evolving Practices in Europe (LoReMi)

Sarah Spencer and Marie Mallet-Garcia | March 2021 - October 2022

The Market for Migrant Domestic and Sex Workers

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Undocumented Migrant Children in the UK

COMPAS Communications | January 2010 – June 2012

Unravelling the Mediterranean Migration Crisis (MEDMIG)

COMPAS Communications | Sep 2015 - Aug 2016

Urbanization from Below

COMPAS Communications | 2013 – 2016