The long tail of European colonialism still looms large over many migration debates. The well-trodden themes of movement from poor to rich countries, from the global south to the global north, continue to be central to global debates on migration. But there is growing recognition of the importance of other mobilities among the countries of the global south, not least within the African continent, and between Africa and other regions. Moreover the middle income countries of so-called ‘Rising Africa’ – as well as the continent’s conflict-ridden and economically and environmentally degraded territories — are increasingly key to the emergent multi-centred global migration system. COMPAS has applied its inter-disciplinary approach to understanding African migrations on individual, community, national, regional and global scales. Our research has looked at the practices, relationships, institutions and networks that shape experiences of life on the move, as well as the outcomes of migration within, to and from Africa from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.



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World Migration Report chapter

Media Reporting of Migrants and Migration

William Allen, Rob McNeil and COMPAS Communications

LAMFOR Policy Briefing 1

The Consequences of Refugee Return

Carlos Vargas-Silva

LAMFOR Policy Briefing 2

The Consequences of Hosting Refugees

Carlos Vargas-Silva

LAMFOR Policy Briefing 3

Conflict, Displacement and Education

Carlos Vargas-Silva

Photo essay

The London-Hargeysa connection: Diaspora engagement in Somaliland

Giulia Liberatore & Kate Stanworth


Diaspora Engagement in War-Torn Societies

Nicholas Van Hear | January 2011 – December 2015

PEAK Urban

Michael Keith, Mikal Mast, Rosaleen Cunningham, Bhawani Buswala and ChengHe Guan | 1 October 2017 - 31 December 2021

Social Externalities: China, India, Africa

Michael Keith | 2010 - 2011

The Labour Market Impacts of Forced Migration (LAMFOR)

Carlos Vargas-Silva | June 2013 – December 2015

Urban Transformations Coordination

Michael Keith, Mikal Mast and Nathan Grassi | 2015 - 2019