List of Other Publications


Policy Briefing

No Recourse to Public Funds: Issue #1

Inclusive Cities COVID-19 Research and Policy Briefings



Briefing note

Building an Inclusive City Narrative

Jacqui Broadhead


World Migration Report chapter

Media Reporting of Migrants and Migration

Scott Blinder, William Allen and Rob McNeil

ECONREF Research Note: 1

The Health of Refugees in the UK

Zovanga Kone and Carlos Vargas-Silva

Trends report

Migrant households in Wales

Yvonni Markaki

Trends report

Migrants in the Welsh Labour Market

Carlos Vargas-Silva and Yvonni Markaki

Trends report

Migration Flows & Population Trends

Yvonni Markaki


Research Brief

Understanding the dynamics of migration to Greece and the EU: Drivers, decisions and destinations

Heaven Crawley, Franck Duvell, Katharine Jones and Dimitris Skleparis

Breakfast Briefing series

Brexit breakfast briefings series

Various authors

Information portal

UK Coordination of the European Website on Integration

Jacqui Broadhead

Policy Briefing

Marriage and Migration: facilitating the integration of migrant spouses

Katharine Charsley, Marta Bolognani, Sarah Spencer, Hiranthi Jayaweera & Evelyn Ersanilli

Research Brief

Unpacking a Rapidly Changing Scenario

Heaven Crawley, Franck Duvell, Nando Sigona, Simon McMahon, Katharine Jones

LAMFOR Policy Briefing 1

The Consequences of Refugee Return

Carlos Vargas-Silva

LAMFOR Policy Briefing 2

The Consequences of Hosting Refugees

Carlos Vargas-Silva

LAMFOR Policy Briefing 3

Conflict, Displacement and Education

Carlos Vargas-Silva

Legal and policy briefing

Access to Healthcare for Migrants in Wales

Jonathan Price


NHS equality policies focus too narrowly on ethnicity

Hiranthi Jayaweera and Helen McCarthy


Breakfast Briefing

What does the 2015 election mean for migration to the UK?

Rob McNeil, Madeleine Sumption and Carlos Vargas-Silva

Policy Brief

Consistent Support and Mutual Learning Required

Helen McCarthy and Hiranthi Jayaweera

Breakfast Briefing

How do local authorities deal with super-diversity?

Mette Louise Berg and Ben Gidley


Breakfast Briefing

Climate change and migration: how are they linked?

Dina Ionesco and Alex Randall

Photo essay

The London-Hargeysa connection: Diaspora engagement in Somaliland

Giulia Liberatore & Kate Stanworth

Literature review and scoping report

Non-communicable diseases and risk factors in migrants from South Asian countries

Hiranthi Jayaweera and Amy K. McLennan

Global Exchange briefings

What works in building common ground and shared values?

Vidhya Ramalingam

Global Exchange briefings

What works in social-economic integration?

Jenny Phillimore

Global Exchange briefings

What works in social integration?: Intergroup contact

Miles Hewstone

Global Exchange briefings

How has Britain’s integration debate developed since 2000?

Will Somerville

Breakfast Briefing

What shapes migrant destitution and what can be done about it?

Sue Lukes and John Perry

Breakfast Briefing

Where does migration sit within the debate over the future of the UK and Scotland?

Allan Findlay, David McCollum and Jakub Bijak

TurkMis Briefing Paper

Turkey’s New Law on Foreigners and International Protection: An Introduction

Meral Açıkgöz and Hakkı Onur Ariner


Policy Briefing

City Responses to Migrants with Irregular Status

Sarah Spencer and Vanessa Hughes

Breakfast Briefing

What does the 2011 Census tell us about integration and diversity in the UK?

Ludi Simpson and Stephen Jivraj

Research Resources Paper

Migration, Time and Temporalities: Review and Prospect

Melanie Griffiths, Ali Rogers and Bridget Anderson


Breakfast Briefing

What future for undocumented migrant children in the UK?

Nando Sigona and Vanessa Hughes

Breakfast Briefing

What works in integration?

Vidhya Ramalingam and Shamit Saggar

In Conversation

Super-diversity and the City

Sarah Spencer

Breakfast Briefing

What is the impact of new migration on cohesion and integration?

Will Somerville, Shamit Saggar and Robert Ford


Breakfast Briefing

How will climate change impact on migration?

Allan Findlay

Breakfast Briefing

What is migration policy for?

Sarah Spencer

Breakfast Briefing

Who are Britain’s new citizens?

Ben Gidley

Breakfast Briefing

What does migration mean for the ‘white working class’ in the UK?

Ben Rogaly and Becky Taylor

Breakfast Briefing

What are the alternatives to child detention?

Heaven Crawley