List of Blogs


COVID-19 and Canada’s mobile labour force

Barbara Neis, Kerri Neil, Katherine Lippel

Platform (im)mobilities: Migration and the gig economy in times of COVID-19

Moritz Altenried, Manuela Bojadžijev, Mira Wallis

Making home on the move

Shivangi Kaushik

Seasonal harvest workers during COVID-19

Roxana Barbulescu & Carlos Vargas-Silva

COVID-19 and Challenges to the Future of Work

Nilanjan Raghunath & Tony Tan

COVID-19 and its Impact on Remote Work

Nilanjan Raghunath & Tony Tan


Nick Van Hear

Borders never disappear

Agnieszka Halemba

The Chinese ‘grid reaction’ in Italy

Antonella Ceccagno and Alessandra Salvati

Rethinking EU Borders in the time of COVID-19

Elspeth Guild and Didier Bigo

The new power of the technologies of immobility

Sharifah Muhammad Talib Alhinai

The Ecological Footprint of Refugees

Jean-Francois Maystadt


Who Counts in Crises?

William Allen

Routed Magazine

Max Cohen

From Migration Research to Policy: MSc Migration visit to Geneva

Saskia Llewellyn, Will Jernigan and Elisabetta Grisson


The COMPAS 2018 list of best books on migration

Rosaleen Cunningham, Michael Keith, Mikal Mast, Nathan Grassi, Zovanga Kone, Rob McNeil, Carlos Vargas-Silva and COMPAS Communications

In Conversation with Biao Xiang

Anne Schnitzer & Emrah Celik

COMPAS Round-up Autumn 2018

COMPAS communications team

A Global Crisis in Care?

Fiona Williams

Immigration and the reallocation of work health risks

Osea Giuntella, Carlos Vargas-Silva & Catia Nicodemo

Farewell clichés

Emma Newcombe

National institutions vs EU policies?

Martin Ruhs, Joakim Palme

COMPAS Round Up Spring 2018

COMPAS communications team


Media Reporting of Migrants and Migration: A Global Perspective

William Allen, Rob McNeil and Scott Blinder

COMPAS Round Up Autumn 2017

COMPAS communications team

COMPAS Round Up Summer 2017

COMPAS communications team


The new lefts

Nicholas Van Hear

New migrant urbanisms and the United Nations Habitat III conference in Quito

Michael Keith, Nicholas Simcik Arese & Andreza De Souza Santos

Imagining Refugia

Nicholas Van Hear

A new generation of thinkers: on ways forward for migration and development policy and research

Anduriña Espinoza-Wasil, Jessamy Garver-Affeldt, Asha Jibril, Matthew Longmore & Jiani Song

Extremism in PREVENT

Giulia Liberatore

Tanya: a migration story

Dace Dzenovska

Understanding migration

Bastian Vollmer


Leaving Palestine

Nicholas Van Hear

People Move

Ben Doherty

Tap LinkedIn for data gold dust

Carlos Vargas-Silva

Illegality vs Irregularity

Bridget Anderson

Gendering the Irregular

Melanie Griffiths

Citizenship as a concept

Jonathan Price

Border Crossings and Gender in the Greek Detention System

Mary Bosworth, Sharon Pickering and Andriani Fili

Race and Racism

Rachel Humphris

Everyday Resistance

Rob McNeil


Turning British

Mikal Mast

Colombia: A Wandering Country?

Isabel Ruiz and Carlos Vargas-Silva

Claiming the flag

Ole Jensen

Health and border control

Hiranthi Jayaweera

Re-Thinking ‘Risk’ in Migration

Esra Kaytaz, DPhil Social Anthropology


Theresa May’s slavery bill won’t help domestic workers

Bridget Anderson and Julia O'Connell Davison, University of Nottingham

Migrants in the Census: How to find them, and what to do with them

Anna Krausova, Research Officer, Migration Observatory

Flight and Fight

Nicholas Van Hear

Celebrating 10 years of COMPAS in numbers

Bridget Anderson and Emma Newcombe

The Good Worker

Dace Dzenovska

Migration in Scotland

Carlos Vargas-Silva

Observing differences: asylum appeals in the UK

Melanie Griffiths, University of Bristol; Nick Gill, University of Exeter and Andrew Burridge, University of Exeter

The Diversity Turn

Mette Louise Berg and Nando Sigona

The 2011 Census project

Carlos Vargas-Silva

Dream on

Nicholas Van Hear

Taking popularity seriously

Bastian Vollmer

The Oxford Migration Studies Society: Conference News

Ka-Kin Cheuk, D.Phil Student, COMPAS and President, Oxford Migration Studies Society

Diasporic school associations

Mette Louise Berg

It’s about time

Marthe Achtnich and Roger Norum, COMPAS DPhil students

The economics of forced migration

Carlos Vargas-Silva


Reflecting on migrant journeys

Nicholas Van Hear

Dr Who and The Migrants

Bridget Anderson

An exclusive party?

Caroline Oliver

No Way Out, No Way In

Vanessa Hughes

On display in Stockholm

Bridget Anderson

Controlling the purse strings

Victoria Kingsman

Pen-top emotion

Emma Newcombe

Who’s in?

Hiranthi Jayaweera

Border Crossing: Material Culture & Experience

Marisa Macari, COMPAS DPhil Student

Migration and Economic Growth

Carlos Vargas-Silva


Migration and Generation

Mette Louise Berg

Spinning the Threads of Poverty: Cotton Subsidies and The Political Economy of Trafficking in Southern Benin

Neil Howard, PhD student, Department of International Development, University of Oxford, writing his thesis on anti-trafficking discourse and policy


Biao Xiang

Legal but Unfair: The High Stakes of the UK Immigration Detention System

Stephanie Silverman, DPhil Politics and International Relations