Waldimeiry Correa da Silva Visiting Academic


10 June to 10 September 2022

Dr. Waldimeiry Correa is a Distinguished Researcher and Professor in University of Seville, Spain. Dr. Meiry Correa’s area of expertise is Human Trafficking in contexts of human mobility. Her studies have focused on four subtopics: Trafficking in Persons (European, Latin American, Spanish and Brazilian framework); migrations and gender studies (trafficking for the purpose of sexual and reproductive exploitation; trafficking for the purpose of forced labor and trafficking for the purpose of removal of human organs and tissues), and Human Rights in the context of human mobility (international and regional systems for the protection of human rights, international courts and public policies). Currently, she is developing research about the global governance of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) and the intersection with Human Trafficking. In 2020, she ranked second to become the UN Rapporteur for Trafficking in Persons (UN Human Rights Council). In 2014, she was appointed by the Ministry of Justice of Brazil as Advisor of the National Committee to Confront Trafficking in Persons in the National Secretariat of Justice/MJ of Brazil for three consecutive years.

See selected publications at: ORCID: 0000-0002-1863-8454