Ole Jensen Research Affiliate & Former Staff

Ole Jensen was research officer with COMPAS 2011-15. He was involved in the EU-funded research projects Concordia Discors, EUMIA and Upstream. Ole’s main research interest are related to social cohesion, diversity and everyday multiculturalism at neighbourhood level. Ole holds a PhD in International Development Studies, focusing on livelihood strategies and internal migration in Pakistan, and he has previously worked in Afghanistan.


DiversityGeneration and Life courseIntegrationNeighbourhoodsTransnationalism


Concordia Discors

Ben Gidley and Ole Jensen | January 2011 to October 2012

European Migrant Integration Academy (EU-MIA)

Ben Gidley, Ole Jensen and Ida Persson | October 2012 – March 2014

UPSTREAM: Developing Effective Strategies for the Mainstreaming of Integration Governance

Ben Gidley and Ole Jensen | January 2014 – September 2015