Nilanjan Raghunath Research Affiliate

Nina is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, HASS cluster. Her research interests include the Millennial Workforce, Collaborative Teams, Disruptive Innovation and Skilled Migration in the Digital Age. She also looks at the impact of computer algorithms on social norms of selection via internet platforms and search engines. She has been a visiting academic at MIT and Oxford in the areas of STS and skilled migration. Her methodological expertise includes mixed methods and rhetorical analysis. She teaches Digital Sociology, Who Gets Ahead? Sociology of Social Networks and Social Capital, Gender Sexuality and Society, Sociology of Innovation and Theorizing Society, the Self and Culture.

Nina was a COMPAS Visiting Academic between August 2018 and January 2019.

High Skilled Migration and Automation Uncertainty
COMPAS Blog | 7/12/2018