Morwari Zafar DPhil Anthropology

Morwari Zafar is a DPhil student at COMPAS/the School of Anthropology. Her doctoral research examines the development and commodification of cultural knowledge by the U.S. government through private-sector enterprises, and compels a reassessment of diasporic engagement. More specifically, her research project provides a novel perspective into the post-9/11 narratives of the Afghan-American diaspora that are co-opted by, packaged for, and sold to the U.S. military-industrial complex to advance counterinsurgency in Afghanistan. In the ongoing War on Terror, Afghan-Americans have become critical transnational brokers of language and cultural knowledge. As generations of Afghan-Americans define themselves and their roles in American society, the study explores how their identities, histories, and conceptions of “Afghanistan” and “Islam” have shaped the accounts that underpin U.S. foreign policy.