Iryna Lapshyna Former staff

Iryna Lapshyna was a Senior Researcher at COMPAS covering a maternity leave position in 2016 and working on the project ‘Does immigration enforcement matter? Irregular immigrants and control policies in the UK’ funded by the ESRC.

Iryna has a Phd in International Economics. She is a part-time lecturer at University of Bremen, Germany. Previously, she worked as national expert on an EU-funded FP7 project “Imagining Europe from the outside”. From 2002 to 2014 she was Associate Professor at Lviv Academy of Commerce, Ukraine. Her research focuses on labour migration in Ukraine, migration perceptions and aspirations, Ukrainian diaspora, corruption and human capital development.

She has published a book ‘Human capital development in Ukraine’ (2008) and articles include: ‘Migration, Life Satisfaction, Return and Development: The Case of a Deprived Post-Soviet Country (Ukraine)’ (2015, with F. Duvell); ‘Corruption as a driver of migration aspirations: the case of Ukraine’ (2014); ‘Migration aspirations, motivations and emergence of migration culture in Ukraine’ (2013); ‘Transformational changes and challenges for human capital development in the context of Ukrainian labour migration (2012)’.