Emma Rimpiläinen Post-Doctoral Affiliate


Emma is a social anthropologist interested in political anthropology and contemporary Ukrainian society. Her doctoral thesis, completed in 2021, examines displacement in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine’s Donbas since 2014. Her research makes an intervention into theorising displacement by showing that moving or being removed from place is neither the sole cause nor manifestation of displacement. Rather, mobility may be a tactic for overcoming displacement in conditions when place breaks down and people lose social networks, employment, and subsistence. Emma also critically examines practices of knowledge production in politicised contexts by paying attention to how people use their knowledge as a basis for action.

Research interests: displacement, mobility, state, knowledge production, Ukraine, Russia


War and conflict


Making sense of the war in Ukraine

Dace Dzenovska, Madeleine Reeves, Volodymyr Artiukh and Emma Rimpiläinen | March 2022