Dimitry Kochenov Visiting Academic


Prof. Dimitry Vladimirovich Kochenov works on global citizenship and the Rule of Law. His critical take on citizenship is distilled in a little monograph Citizenship (MIT Press, 2019) reviewed, inter alia, in the pages of NYRB and translated into several languages. The book shows why, instead of being glorified, citizenship should be approached critically is the extinguisher of hope for the absolute majority of the world’s population. Rather than rights, it brings liabilities and harms countless lives. To measure how bad some citizenships are compared with the others, Dimitry co-created the Quality of Nationality Index (Hart Publishing, 2020) documenting the abyss between the super-citizens and the passport-poor. Sooner or later, a serious fight against the global passport apartheid will have to start. Xenophobia and hatred of migrants is frequently mobilized, with success, in the assaults on the Rule of Law, like in Hungary and Poland today. Brexit is a variety of the same game bringing about a new border in Europe and the destruction of the quality of British nationality.

Author and editor of numerous scholarly volumes, Dimitry taught aspects of citizenship and the Rule of Law worldwide, from his Groningen chair to visiting professorships at Princeton University, the College of Europe, Rome (LUISS), Turin and Mexico City and many others and acted in important advisory roles from working out the aspects of EU law in the context of Maltese citizenship by investment to trying to help the exiled Chagossian population. Prof. Kochenov served as a founding chairman of the board of the Investment Migration Council (Geneva) and appeared in expert roles in front of countless bodies, from the European and Scottish Parliament, to the House of Lords. At Oxford he focuses on finishing the editorship of a volume on Citizenship and Residence Sales: Changing the Boundaries of Belonging (with Kristin Surak, LSE) and is a co-convenor of the online COMPAS seminar series on Citizenship by Investment with Madeleine Sumption.