Bastian Vollmer Research Affiliate & Former Staff

Bastian Vollmer was a Leverhulme Fellow at COMPAS until 2016. He also worked on several EU-funded research projects such as Clandestino and the EUMAGINE project at COMPAS.

His main research interests are migration processes (particularly irregular and transit migration); control mechanisms and securitization regimes of migration; border theory; discourse theory and discourse analysis. He was educated at Cambridge University and at the University of Amsterdam. He has an MPhil in International Relations and a PhD in Social Sciences.

List of selected publications


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Border Security: Discourses and Practices in the UK

Bastian Vollmer | April 2013 – 2016

Fundamental rights situation of irregular immigrants in the European Union (FRIM)

Franck Düvell and Bastian Vollmer | December 2009 – March 2011