Ayumi Takenaka Former Staff

Ayumi Takenaka was a Research Officer at COMPAS. She joined COMPAS after having served on the sociology faculty at Bryn Mawr College for over a decade. Prior to that she was a Richard Storry Junior Research Fellow at St Antony’s College, Oxford University. She has a PhD in sociology from Columbia University.

Ayumi’s underlying research interest lies in social inequality, social divisions, and poverty. Her current inquiry focuses on the relationship between social and geographical mobility, looking particularly at the mechanisms and meanings of moving “up” and “down” across countries, both quantitatively and qualitatively. She also engages in ethnographic research on populations that stand on the margins of group boundaries, such as racially mixed individuals, multiple migrants, and people of multi-national and cultural backgrounds. While her research has focused on Latin America (Peru and Mexico), Japan, and the US, she is expanding her comparative base into Spain, the UK and India. To combine research with personal passion, she is now delving into food studies, focusing on immigrants’ identities through food and the movements of foods across borders.