Migration and Mobility Network

People are mobile, and arguably always have been. Yet, in recent years, migration and mobility have been pushed onto the agendas of government and non-governmental actors alike, have been covered widely in the media, and have generated societal discussions about ways of belonging and exclusion. In a time when migration and mobility are raising political, environmental, social, and ethical questions, there is a pressing need to rethink these fundamental concepts in creative, multidisciplinary ways.

While the University houses two interdisciplinary research centres explicitly dedicated to the research of these themes – COMPAS and the Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) – these tend to be primarily based in social scientific approaches. In an effort to bring together more disciplines, a number of researchers of topics relating to migration and mobility decided to establish a Migration and Mobility Network under the TORCH New Network Scheme.

This network therefore wants to reach across and beyond the three migration research centres, to bring researchers of all aspects of migration and mobility from the University together to develop the migration and mobility research agendas at Oxford, to foster synergies for future collaborative cross- and interdisciplinary projects, and thereby generate a deeper understanding of mobility.

We are interested in growing this network, so if you work on any aspect of migration or mobility in any of the University’s divisions, please join us and spread the word!

If you have any comments or ideas, or would like to become a network participant, please do not hesitate to get in touch!


Network website

Network administrator: Lena Rose – lena.rose@stx.ox.ac.uk
Generic network email address – migration-mobility@torch.ox.ac.uk