The Future of Migration

Photo Competition 2023

For this year’s competition theme, The Future of Migration, we are looking for photos and illustrations exploring migration in a changing world and how people adapt to new realities on the move.

Winning entries will be displayed at a celebratory exhibit at COMPAS.


Please read our guidelines below before you submit your photos.

  • Images must maintain strong relevance to migration, and this year’s theme
  • Images must be no more than two years old
  • Images must be in colour
  • Images must be formatted correctly as a JPEG or PNG
  • Consent must be obtained if images feature people and/ or sensitive landscapes
  • Images must be accompanied by a caption of approximately 50 words describing the context of the photo, where the photo was taken, the date it was taken and a visual description of the photo

To enter, please send your submission via email to

Terms & Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions 2023 prior to sending us your submission.

Competition Poster

Please share this COMPAS Visual Arts Competition Poster with your networks.


4 - 8 November 2019

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