The Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity is a COMPAS initiative opening up opportunities for knowledge exchange and longer term collaboration between those working in the migration field
More About GEM

Inclusion and Integration

Identifying new solutions for overcoming exclusion and the problems to which it gives rise in relation to migrants with regular and irregular status

Inclusive Cities

Inclusive Cities is a project that will support five UK cities and their local partners to achieve a step-change in their approach towards integration of newcomers in the city.

Information source on integration in the EU

Coordination of the UK content on the European Website on Integration: an information source on legislation, policies, practices, funding and events regarding integration in Europe.

Integration and Diversity in European Cities

Over the course of 18 months (2015 – 2016), this project worked with cities from across Europe in Working Groups and our first Autumn Academy on issues related to migrant integration.

Integration in European Cities

Our first five day residential course for senior city officials and elected representatives and civil society working at city level.

Migrant integration at the local level in the UK

A half-day workshop for local authority officers organised with the South East Region Strategic Migration Partnership exploring challenges and practical solutions and the contribution of data and research evidence.

Integration in the UK (3 roundtables)

A series of 3 Chatham House roundtables on the theory, evidence and practice of integration in relation to migrants and minorities in the UK, organised for the Communities and Local Government Department

Strategic approaches to migrant integration in Europe

Our second Autumn Academy, a residential symposium for 30 senior public officials, NGO leaders and foundations from across Europe