The Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity is a COMPAS initiative opening up opportunities for knowledge exchange and longer term collaboration between those working in the migration field
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Our work has centred around the following topics:


Exploring the particular challenges cities and smaller municipalities face in fulfilling their responsibilties to migrants and other local residents


Exploring integration processes and policies, theory and practice, from EU to the neighbourhood level

Irregular migrants

Exploring the issues that arise in Europe in relation to migrants with irregular immigration status, at EU, national and city level

Labour migration

Exploring demand and supply of migrant workers and understanding the data across the world, from Wales to South East Asia


Exploring diverse dimensions of migration and migration policy, from the ethics and politics of the refugee crisis to media handling of the issue in Georgia

Welfare services & destitution

Exploring issues related to migrants who are destitute with limited recourse to public funds, and an innovative means to assess eligibility for support


Our work has centred around the following modes of knowledge exchange:

Advice to governments & public authorities

Consultancy, training and provision of materials to inform policy and practice development


Facilitating engagement through residential and shorter sessions for intense exchange, debate and reflection

Drama & Arts

Exploring innovative and creative ways to encourage reflection and raise awareness of migration and the issues it raises

Techno solutions & Information sharing

Facilitating innovative, technological solutions to provision of information and advice

Working groups

Facilitating academic-policymaker-practitioner exchange through regular meetings and action plans over a period of time

Workshops & Training

Expert led, topic focused, residential and shorter sessions of presentation, discussion and learning