The Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity is a COMPAS initiative opening up opportunities for knowledge exchange and longer term collaboration between those working in the migration field

The Global Exchange programme of work is extending and deepening COMPAS’s international contribution to the reciprocal sharing of knowledge, ideas and experience on migration and diversity issues among academics, policy makers, service professionals, civil society, lawyers, foundations, school students and others in the field.

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The Global Exchange Approach

The Global Exchange was established in 2014 in order to utilise and extend the skills that COMPAS had built in terms of knowledge exchange and engagement, but also to offer hub services to a growing pool of scholars and practitioners in the migration field.

We provide opportunities for dialogue and longer term collaboration between researchers and research users, with a particular focus on government policymakers at national, devolved, local and international levels but also users in the private and public sectors, in civil society and in philanthropic foundations.

Our aim is to do this using innovative means of knowledge exchange by working with specialists of different kinds, from theatre professionals to web developers.

Also our work aims to strengthen the evidence base among those working in the migration field, drawing out lessons from policy, practice and civil society engagement within and across jurisdictions.


Please get in touch if you want to talk about potential collaboration on knowledge exchange.

COMPAS staff that are involved in Exchange activities: