Bridging European Urban Transformations Workshop Series 2016-2018 Igor Calzada, Michael Keith


The latest volume of UT Connect, following on from previous editions such as the Habitat III special issue and a UK-themed edition, showcases the outcomes of the Bridging European Urban Transformations initiative. Organised in collaboration with a range of European partners, including the Brussels Centre for Urban Studies, Cosmopolis and Brussels Academy at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels, it covered a total of four seminar series between 2016 and 2018, encompassing a range of issues including smart cities, urban living labs (ULLs), migration and mobility, and the ‘urban commons’. Hosting a variety of leading academics and practitioners in different urban fields, each event showcased some of the latest thinking on some of the most pressing challenges facing European cities today. This edition brings together in one volume the four pieces published by Professor Michael Keith and Dr Igor Calzada on the series, summarising the discussions and drawing out the implications for urban planners, policy makers and businesses today. Read Report:



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