Innovation Und Persuasion in Der Presse: Eine Komparative Korpusanalyse B. Vollmer, S. Heyne


This book looks at the language in the media, in particular, at two different newspaper genres and addresses the question of how innovative language is used. By applying corpus and discourse analysis, the book shows how neologisms appear in two representatives of newspaper genres in Germany (Bild and Süddeutsche Zeitung) whilst analysing if and how these new word constructions have a persuasive function. The construction, frequencies and persuasive use of neologisms in both newspapers are surprisingly similar. This finding plays out not only in commentary articles, but also in neutral/informative news pieces, which signifies the critical situation of news media. The book points to developments in the media in relation to public discourses which questions the impact of market forces and revisits the role of the media as ‘fourth power’.


Vollmer, B. & S. Heyne (2016) Innovation und Persuasion in der Presse – Eine komparative Korpusanalyse (Innovation and Persuasion in the Press – A Comparative Corpus Analysis). Wiesbaden: Springer VS.


Public Opinion