MSc Migration Studies

The interdisciplinary MSc in Migration Studies allows students to explore human mobility as an intrinsic part of the broader processes of development and global change; and to address the causes and consequences of migration and how these are shaped by governments, societies, and migrants themselves.

The programme is jointly offered by the School of Anthropology (SAME) and the Oxford Department of International Development. The course draws on the intellectual resources of its two parent departments and the three world-leading migration research centres at Oxford (COMPAS, IMI and RSC).

The degree has four main taught components, in addition to a 15,000 word dissertation:

  • International migration in the social sciences
  • Migration, globalisation and social transformation
  • Thematic and regional options
  • Methods in social research

Teaching on the degree combines lectures, small tutorial groups, and discussion seminars. Students have individual dissertation supervision. Teaching is problem-focused and aims to give students critical analytical skills.

The course introduces students to key concepts, research and analysis in the economics, politics, sociology and anthropology of migration. It enables students to understand the nature of both internal and international migration and its role in global social and economic change.

The MSc prepares students to work in an expanding area of international and policy concern. It will also offer students social science training that will facilitate progression to doctoral studies in the University of Oxford and elsewhere.

The MSc is currently convened by Hein de Haas.

Application deadlines:

  • 21 November 2014
  • 23 January 2015
  • 13 March 2015

(The number of places on the course is limited and applicants are strongly advised to apply by the January deadline at the latest.)

Further information about the MSc in Migration Studies and how to apply

MSc Migration Studies podcasts are available through a dedicated MSc in Migration Studies feed through both the University of Oxford and through iTunesU


The Migration Studies Society

Link to information about a networking group for students and professionals in Oxford.

Sixth-Formers Workshop on UK and European Migration Patterns and Issues

Students on studying Geography at A'level consider issues related to population change and migration patterns. Dr Ali Rogers, COMPAS Research Associate, led an interactive workshop with 70 students around key migration issues and COMPAS research findings. This forms the basis of a more indepth consideration of the centre's outreach activities and contributions that could potentially be made to A'level courses. Click here for further details on the presentation.