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The Turkish Migration Studies Group (TurkMiS) at the University of Oxford is a platform for researchers, students and other stakeholders interested in migration issues in, from, and through Turkey and its neighbourhood.

TurkMiS was established in 2010 under the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) and aims to facilitate the production and dissemination of scholarly knowledge with the view to informing scholars, policy makers and society.

TurkMiS is convened by Dr. Franck Düvell, Senior Researcher, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, Oxford University.

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Impressions from the latest Tatlidil Forum
Franck Düvell attended the third meeting of the British-Turkish High-Level Forum "Tatlidil" held in Edinburgh 1-3 November. The meeting was hosted by Rt Hon Jack Straw and his Turkish counterpart HE Yasar Yaser, both former foreign ministers of their respective countries. It was addressed by HRH Duke of York and the President of the Republic of Turkey, Abdullah Gül (see Today’s Zaman 1/11/2013). 

It was attended by large delegations from the UK and Turkey from politics, businesses, media and universities, with a total of 130 participants. Key notes were delivered by leading politicians, business men and women and academics. Subsequent discussions focussed on international relations, the Arab spring, Syria and refugee crises; soft vs hard powers; Turkey’s and the UK’s relations with the EU (‘UK out – Turkey in?’); and both countries place in the global economic competition or energy security. 

This was the best attended, highest-profile and possibly most successful Tatlidil forum so far. Some more controversial issues, however, were hardly or not at all touched upon, such as the Syrian refugee crisis and the lack of support from the EU to Turkey, the so-called Gezi park protests and how to manage social discontent, the state of human rights and freedom of expression in Turkey or the continuous refusal of the EU including the UK to liberalise visa requirements as demanded by Turkey.


Court of Justice of the European Union
Subject: Judgement - Turkish nationals do not have the right to enter the territory of an EU Member State without a visa in order to obtain services 

Date published: September 24 2013
The degree to which the Ankara agreement on freedom to services entails visa free travel between Turkey and the EU has been long disputed. It has now been ruled that this right is limited to Turkish nationals who provide services in the EU ('active' freedom to provide services) and for this purpose are entitled to visa-free entry. However, Turkish nationals who wish to obtain services in the EU ('passive' freedom of provision of services) must have prior visa. The court also ruled that the German government introduction of visa requirements by the German government in 1980 was legitimate. This is certainly frustrating for all those who for long have been lobbying for visa liberalisation and visa travel from Turkey to the EU (also see new Publications/reports below).

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Reports and details about the 10th TurkMiS workshop are available here: The migration transition of Turkey – from an emigration to an immigration country. New realities, new policy challenges


Details of forthcoming events will be available soon.


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Latest Publications

TurkMiS Briefing Series

January 2014, Açıkgöz, M. and Ariner H., Turkey’s new law on foreigners and international protection: An introduction

December 2012, Öktem, K., From soft power to soft borders: Crisis management and migration flows in Turkey

Journals and books

Düvell, Franck (2013), Turkey, the Syrian Refugee Crisis and the Changing Dynamics of Transit Migration, Mediterranean Yearbook 2013

Sert, Deniz 2013, Turkey's Integrated Border Management Strategy, Turkish Policy Quarterly 12(1): 173-179

Secil Elitok & Thomas Straubhaar (eds.) (2012, Turkey, migration and the EU: potentials, challenges and opportunities, Hamburg: Hamburg University Press (the complete book is available online)

Ersanilli, Evelyn (2012) 'Model(ling) citizens? Integration Policies and Value Integration of Turkish Immigrants and Their Descendants in Germany, France, and the Netherlands', Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies 10(3), pp 338-358. 

Lemberg-Pedersen, Martin (2012) 'Private Security Companies and the European Borderscapes.' In Nyberg Sørensen and Gammeltoft-Hansen (eds) "The Migration Industry: the Commercialization of International Migration," London, New York: Routledge's Global Institutions Series.

Lemberg-Pedersen, Martin (2012) 'Forcing Flows of Migrants: European Externalization and Border-Induced Displacement.' In Andersen, Klatt and Sandberg (eds) "The Border Multiple: The Practicing of Borders between Public Policy and Everyday Life in Europe. London: Ashgate's Border Regions Series.

Lemberg-Pedersen, Martin (2011) 'Solidarity (In)action.' In Tidsskriftet Politik, Vol.14, No.4: 27-34

Reports and Documents

Soyaltın, Diğdem (2013), Good news, Bad News or No News: Management of Irregular Migration in Turkey, ResearchTurkey 2(3): 33-45

ESI (2013), 1963 Ankara agreement, Happy Anniversary? EU-Turkey relations at age 50: An appeal

ESI (2013), ESI's Who's Who in the Turkey visa debate: Information and contacts 

SEESOX (2013), Freedom and Unfreedom in Turkey: Religion, society and politics. A workshop report, Oxford, SEESOX

Turkish National Police/International Center for Terrorism and Transnational Crime (TNPA/UTSAM) 2013, Illegal migrants and migrant smugglers in Turkey, Ankara: TNPA/UTSAM, Policy Brief 1, 2/2011

More Publications

Turkish nationals abroad

Here you can find a selection of recent publications (and other resources) concerning Turkish nationals abroad.

Migration and Asylum in Turkey

A selection of reports and other publications

Current Research

Senior Staff Research

Franck Duvell (2013), Consequences of EU Migration and Refugee Policy on Third countries: the case of Turkey (funder: German refugee Council (pro Asyl)).

Rutvica Andrijasevic (2013), Labour in Europe in China-driven globalisation: the Case Study of Foxconn in Turkey, Czech Republic and Slovakia

PhD research

Martin Lemberg-Pedersen (2012), Externalization and Border-induced Displacement: A critical assessment of the European Borderscapes, Copenhagen: University of Copenhagen, 196 pages.

Özerim, Mehmet Gökay, Radical Right Parties in Europe and Anti-Immigration: The Construction of Anti-Immigration Discourse in the Context of Security Themes


Further Resources

English (ENG) and Turkish (TR) language websites of institutions (state, academia, international organisations and NGOs) in Turkey that have relevant information on migration and migration politics, and other resources. 


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