Flows and Dynamics

Global migration flows and the dynamics that drive, facilitate and inhibit migration are of key concern within this cluster of work.

Framed within investigation of the complex relationship between migration and social transformation, research in this cluster takes as a point of departure the need to view migration comprehensively as a process encompassing sending, transit and receiving regions.  Cluster research seeks to understand the factors, networks and institutions that drive, facilitate or constrain migration;  what migration goals, channels and impacts look like from sending country perspectives; and the dimensions of governance  that shape migratory processes.  

Further details on the issues addressed by this cluster can be found in the Cluster Overview

Other Activities

    In addition to core-research projects, work is also ongoing on a number of other activities related to this thematic cluster. Including:

    • COLLABORATIVE PROJECT – Opening the Black Box of Migration: Brokers and the Organization of Transnational Mobility
    • COLLABORATIVE PROJECT - (Irregular) Transit Migration in Europe: Theory, Politics, Research Methodology and Ethics
    • BOOK PROJECT - Transit migration in the European Space, editors: Franck Düvell (lead), Irina Molodikova, Michael Collyer, Hein de Haas, Amsterdam University Press, IMISCOE book series
    • SPECIAL ISSUE of the journal Population, Space and Place, Critical Approaches to Transit Migration, editors Franck Düvell, Michael Collyer, Hein de Haas
    • SPECIAL ISSUE of the journal International Migration, Irregular Migration in Europe, editors, Franck Düvell, Anna Triandafyllidou, Dita Vogel
    • PROJECT PROPOSAL - Does Immigration Enforcement Matters? New irregular labour immigration versus new control policies in the UK, Franck Düvell, Bastian Vollmer